Get Started

Get Started in Three Steps

Connect to the Ithaca App

  1. Visit the Ithaca App at

  2. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ on the top right of thee navigation bar

  1. If you already have a wallet choose it from the menu and move to step 6. Otherwise click "Learn More" to get a wallet.

  1. If you clicked "Learn More" follow the prompts to install a wallet.

  1. Make sure you backup your seedphrase in a safe place and never share it with anyone.

  2. With wallet in hand, go back and click on your preferred wallet on step 3.

  3. A wallet popup will appear asking for a signature. This confirms it is really you.

  4. Accept terms and conditions if you would like to continue.


Ithaca Protocol runs on Arbitrum, but directly supports deposits from multiple chains via Axelar, our partner briding solution.

  1. Navigate to the "Dashboard" tab and click "Deposit".

  1. Use the dropdown to select the chain where your funds are coming from.

  1. Select the asset you are depositing and the amount. Currently WETH and USDC are supported.

  2. If you deposited from Arbitrum One your funds will quickly be shown in your balance on the Dashboard.

  1. If you chose another chain follow along the bridging steps.

  1. Check your funds are showing in the FundLock column to confirm success.

Note: Ithaca does not accept USDC.e. To convert USDC.e to USDC you can use Uniswap

Choose Your Journey and Get Started

Choose a tab to get started

  1. Market - Place orders on Options, Digital Options and Forwards.

  2. Stories - Pre-packaged Option Strategies.

  3. Dynamic Option Strategies - Load and modify strategies or build your own.

  4. Position Builder - Fully customizable interface enabling full exploration of the protocol.

Please refer to the Trading section for more detailed instructions

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