Point Activation - Sybil Resistance

You can activate all your points by earning 5,000 trading points

Our point system is designed to reward activities that genuinely contribute to protocol success and ecosystem growth.

Recognizing it is easy to sybil attack social media, wallet connections and even certain trading acitivities, we will follow best practices set by various airdrops in using ex-post sybil resistant methodology, vigorously excluding offending wallets from the airdrop.

However, we also recognize these actions have false positives and are inevitably imperfect.

We therefore aim to set a new standard in using ex-ante points validation mechanisms to ensure a transparent and fair process is ensured by the incentives themselves.

Towards that goal, any wallet wishing to claim engagement points, must activate those points by earning a minimum of 5,000 trading points. This would be for example the equivalent of buying a 1 ETH notional call option or a 100$ notional digital call option (and correspondingly much lower premium expenditure).

If any user at any point feels one cannot afford the premium we encourage them to get in touch and join our “Argonaut” program for new traders, which makes a community fund available to participants to trade with.

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