Badges and Special Points

In addition to Trading and Engagement points, a pool has been reserved to award points to users who go above-and-beyond in their participation in the protocol and community. These will be distributed to those users who join campaigns and earn badges in the platform.

Stay tuned for opportunities to earn these points as these may change over time.


Users will be able to earn badges by engaging in certain protocol actions. There are five badge categories:

  • Product Badges - For trading each product in the platform from apprentice to pro.

  • Trader Badges - For hitting certain volume milestones.

  • Community Badges - For taking community actions such as referrals.

  • Activity Badges - For engaging in specific activities such as tweeting.

  • Special Badges - Special campaign badges, such as daily leaderboard achievements.

In Season One we will set aside discretionary points for up to 30bps of total supply to align badge related activity with granted rewards, we will not hesitate to spend time manually to reward behaviors that will contribute to community and user growth.

Marketing Campaigns

Points have been earmarked for marketing campaigns by our marketing team. These might be giveaways we have done over twitter or discord, or through marketing platforms.

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