Ithaca Overview


Ithaca's mission is to build permissionless cross-chain infrastructure enabling optimal risk sharing across time and event horizons.

Our infrastructure allows for instant deployment of ‘liquidity self-enhancing' complete, composable option, option strategy, structured product, and lending markets, on any underlying.

We are building more liquid, transparent, and efficient financial markets.


  • Off-chain Pre-match Processing - An auction-based verifiable off-chain Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible multi-product matching engine with provably optimal liquidity and execution.

  • Post-match Settlement - Smart contracts that enforce logic for post-trade settlement and collateral custody supported by a Collateral Optimization Engine

  • Axelar Bridging - Cross-Chain gateway protocol allows bridging between multiple blockchains into Arbitrum.

  • Ithaca App - A front-end interface that allows placement of orders for trading strategies ranging from simple payoffs to complex structured products.

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