Pre-Match Processing

Ithaca Matching Engine (IME)

IME is a multi-product cross-orderbook matching engine that implements:

  • Frequent Batch Auctions (FBA) - Ithaca markets operate at discrete frequent intervals via auctions rather than through continuous order books.

  • Risk Sharing Building Blocks (RSBBs) - Statically replicable derivatives are decomposed into / recomposed from RSBBs using put-call parity and funding-option equivalence relationships directly incorporated into the matching engine. Matching is done at the "atomic" level.

  • Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) Optimization – MILP allows searching for clearing prices and associated sets of consistent orders satisfying these prices that maximize executed volume and satisfy best execution requirements.

  • Portfolio Dominance - Orders are consolidated and matched to ensure protocol assets exceed liabilities so that matching is done under riskless conditions. The engine takes no market or credit risk, ensuring payoffs are covered under all states of the world.

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