Bespoke Trading Incentives

Without changing the overall incentives framework, each season will bring campaigns with additional incentives for specific products. These may include added incentives for users providing liquidity in out-of-the-money options, new underliers or other products.

To start, and ahead of Ithaca offering margin lending, bespoke incentives will focus on trades that tie up collateral. At the outset, these will apply to the following products:

Selling Calls

Selling (single-leg) Calls and Digital Calls & Risky Earn with ETH collateral

▶ 5% bonus points earned per day till expiry

Selling Puts

Selling (single-leg) Puts and Digital Puts & Risky Earn with USDC collateral

▶ 2% bonus points per day till expiry

Trading Dated Forwards

Dated forwards

▶ 0.5% more per day till expiry


Selling a 30 day 1 ETH notional call option will boost point rewards by (1 + 0.05 ) ^ 30 =~ 4.3x the original point allocation.

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