The Dashboard is your command center within the Ithaca App, offering a comprehensive view of your trading activities and collateral management.

The dashboard functions as the user’s control center.

Collateral Dashboard

  • Balance: Funds in the user’s connected wallet.

  • FundLock Value: User balances in the FundLock Smart Contract.

  • Net of Current Orders: Collateral locked in the FundLock smart contract backing existing trades, net of collateral associated with orders that are currently live.

  • Live Order Collateral Net Value: Total collateral requirement for live submitted orders.


  • Deposit: Add funds to your FundLock to participate in trades.

  • Withdraw: Release funds from the platform

Trading Dashboard

  • Live Orders: Information on live, currently submitted and collateralized orders.

  • Positions: Existing positions that resulted from orders executed and not yet expired.

  • Trade History: A list of previous transactions.

  • Settlement: A list of previous settlements.

  • FundLock History: A list of previous transactions affecting FundLock balances.

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