Trade Count

The Trade Count metric provides an overview of trading activity on Ithaca Protocol. The trade count is plotted on a graph where the Y-axis represents the trade count, and the X-axis denotes time.

Total Trade Count: Count of all trades executed on each date.

Active Expiry Trade Count: Count of trades executed on each day by expiry date.

Trading Volume

Trading Volume shows trading activity as measure of notional traded volume. Graphically represented with volume on the Y-axis and time on the X-axis.

Each bar represents the Total Daily Trade Volume decomposed by expiry dates.

Max Pain

The Max Pain chart shows the open interest per strike price for an expiry for both calls and puts.

This helps user identify the Max Pain price which is the price at which most option buyers will face financial losses at expiry.

Max Pain is a metric used by some options traders to understand potential price movements as an expiry approaches.

Open Interest

Open Interest offers a snapshot of the market detailing open contracts for a selected expiry, split by asset and type.

Some option traders use open interest to understand market liquidity and sentiment, or to devise trading strategies.

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